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Birthdays, Coming of Age, Rites of Passage, Goddess Parties, BlessingWays, Bridal Showers, Mommy-to-Be Showers, Liberation Celebrations, Grieving Circles and custom made gatherings and parties… Let’s Create the Perfect Celebration for You or a Loved One.


JourneyDance to Bliss

I created JourneyDance to Bliss so that women could awaken to their own unique blend of sensuality, strength, and beauty while celebrating their connection to a presence far greater than themselves. When women have permission to celebrate all aspects of themselves; confidence, peace, contentment, and personal truth expands, not only within, but outwardly into their families, communities, and the world.


Bliss Retreats

Bliss Retreats are held throughout the world, from the enchanting Greek Isles to the energy vortex of Sedona. Each luxurious retreat offers spa and well-being treatments, delicious and healthy cuisine, guided yoga, meditation and JourneyDance, along with life vision mapping and other personal and professional growth experiences.

Life is meant to be blissful!

Meet Barbara


After years of choosing an unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with an imbalance of mindless, physical, and emotional states, I found myself suffering in relationships, work, and everyday functions. With the realization that I had the power to alleviate much of the pain in my life, I made the choice to make a change. I began to exercise, learn about nutrition, manage my stress, and quit smoking. But that wasn’t the whole picture. While my physical self was becoming healthier, I still hit rock bottom from a breakdown of burnout, perfectionism, and exhaustion.

It wasn’t until I addressed all the aspects of myself — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — that I transformed my life into one of vibrant healthy and wholistic well-being. This journey is a long one, full of twists and turns as in many of our lives, but no matter where you are on the path, I believe it is your birth-right to live in good health and to celebrate all aspects of WHO YOU ARE.


As a devoted student and teacher of wholistic health and wellness, I have developed a variety of effective programs throughout North America for over twenty years. I founded Be Alive & Well in 1987, as well as starting two yoga studios. I am a sought-after speaker, licensed Wellness-Life Coach, and Nutritional Counselor.

With a B.S. in Health Education and emphasis on exercise physiology, I have also earned advanced certification in Yoga, Wholistic Nutrition, Team Sanoviv Medical Institute, Fitness Training from the American Council on Exercise, Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research, and Conscious Movement. In the realm of emotional health, I have completed the Louise Hay Heart Inspired and Advanced Landmark Education Intensives, and much more.

If you want help awakening your sassy, soulful self…I’m your woman.