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Here are wonderful ways to get more bliss into your life. From on-line to on-site, you can access whatever event, workshop, webinar, tele-gathering that fits your needs and desires.  Most are free or a nominal fee.

Go to the calendar for details, or check back often as new events are being created and offered continuously. You can also stay in tune by subscribing to 30Days of Bliss and my Facebook page.

Life Coaching

blissful, Barbara Badolati, live blissful, life coaching, blissful babe

-Moving you from Stressed to Satisfied

-Changing Pressures into Pleasures

-Removing Burdens for Bliss

Barbara will move you from worry, anxiety and dissatisfaction to being in control of your health, happiness and future.  She knows how to assist you in removing the blocks that hold you back, strengthening your confidence and creating a plan so you can have what you truly desire.


Anyone can go on a vacation but not every vacation helps you elevate your inner wisdom, reclaim your physical prowess, reignite your passion for your dreams and return home with a renewed connection to your truest self. Be Well Retreats do just that and more.

Each carefully crafted retreat offers opportunities to connect with beautiful surroundings, enjoy delicious food and more!

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Barbara Badolati


Barbara Badolati, BS, E-RYT500, YACEP has been a trendsetter since 1982 when she began her personal wellness journey from years of an unhealthy lifestyle.  She obtained degrees in health education and exercise physiology followed by an internship at two California spas. Barbara has been a key player in the evolution of worksite wellness since 1986 through her company, Alive & Well working with both the public and private sectors throughout North America. Barbara’s thirty-year history has also included developing and teaching mind-body programs, opening two yoga studios and coaching thousands in personal development, business and marketing.  She has been published extensively in leading health magazines and produced instructional yoga audios, guided relaxation and meditation recordings.

Life is meant to be blissful!

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“I was feeling buried in my life with so many people needing me or putting expectations on me. Barbara’s calming energy and her guidance for me to regain perspective helped me focus on the present, recognize my priorities, and plan specifically for my future. Now I feel like I have MY life back! I am not living for someone else, I am living for me, and it is wonderful!”


“Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for the great phone call yesterday. Shortly after the beautiful meditation, which was so helpful, I went to my mom’s house and we had a very heart-felt embrace & shared our apologies. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for preparing me with your wise guidance!”


“Barbara is a lovely, friendly and very engaging woman. Her Blissful Babes Breakout was fun, heartwarming and inspiring. I felt welcomed from the very moment I met Barbara. She created an unusually loving environment. Her energy and warmth is contagious. By the end of the session I could see and feel the connection between the women participating. Everyone went home renewed and wearing a big smile.”


“Barbara is an amazingly selfless coach, who is always willing to give the time and attention I needed as her client. She was there for me every step of the way through the RESET Week and beyond. Her encouragement and support ensured that I was successfully. I would never had been able to do it without her.”


“Barbara’s extensive knowledge and experience provide confidence.  I am comfortable taking her advise knowing from whence she speaks.  I also truly believe that Barbaa has my best interest foremost in our decisions. She provides new and interesting data, is always a joy to work with and motivates me to be the best I can be.”


“I worked with Barbara about three years ago as a coach. Even though I told her I had no extra time, she tweaked my walking program so I saved 10 minutes.  Then she taught me yoga stretches to fill that time and talked me into an additional 5 minutes/day for simple weight training with bands.  I am still following her program.  Thanks Barbara!!”


“It is Barbara’s energy, genuine concern for people, insight and advise that is so enlightening and helpful to me.  I look forward to every session in being in her presence where I receive some of her grace and wisdom.  Thanks, Barbara, for all you do for others, especially for me.”


Barbara has coached and mentored me to a healthier lifestyle. She’s an amazing coach, mentor and person; I’m thankful our paths crossed and we have maintained a relationship. Love you Barbara, you’re, the BEST!

Patti Tebelman

“Barbara is a great person to learn more effective and affordable marketing angles. I can always run things by her and she gives me great insight on how to make things better”.  

Vy Taibg owner of Infinity Beauty Spa

“A large opportunity presented itself to me, and I wasn’t sure the best approach and strategy.  So glad I consulted with Barbara! From that one session, I knew how to position myself for the long term as well as negotiate appropriately. Negotiating and business positioning isn’t something I learned from my degrees or certifications – glad to have Barbara as a resource who has my back, believes in me and guides me to greater success”.           

Carol Ebert of Reinvent Your Health

Barbara is hands-down one of the warmest and most joyful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her coaching method far surpasses that of other coaches out there because of her depth of knowledge in running a successful wellness-oriented business along with her keen intuition. Many coaches have passion but not the decades of experience Barbara effortlessly weaves into the needs and desires of her clients. She has the ability to drill down to the root of your issues, whether they are personal or business-related (or both!), and offers actionable steps that you can embark on immediately. After our most recent session, I walked away with such a bright and eye-opening insight, I wonder where my business would be 5 years down the road had I not sought Barbara’s guidance.

Sarah Farris

Meet Barbara


After years of choosing an unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with an imbalance of mindless, physical, and emotional states, I found myself suffering in relationships, work, and everyday functions. With the realization that I had the power to alleviate much of the pain in my life, I made the choice to make a change. I began to exercise, learn about nutrition, manage my stress, and quit smoking. But that wasn’t the whole picture. While my physical self was becoming healthier, I still hit rock bottom from a breakdown of burnout, perfectionism, and exhaustion.

It wasn’t until I addressed all the aspects of myself — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — that I transformed my life into one of vibrant healthy and wholistic well-being. This journey is a long one, full of twists and turns as in many of our lives, but no matter where you are on the path, I believe it is your birth-right to live in good health and to celebrate all aspects of WHO YOU ARE.


As a devoted student and teacher of wholistic health and wellness, I have developed a variety of effective programs throughout North America for over twenty years. I founded Be Alive & Well in 1987, as well as starting two yoga studios. I am a sought-after speaker, licensed Wellness-Life Coach, and Nutritional Counselor.

With a B.S. in Health Education and emphasis on exercise physiology, I have also earned advanced certification in Yoga, Wholistic Nutrition, Team Sanoviv Medical Institute, Fitness Training from the American Council on Exercise, Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research, and Conscious Movement. In the realm of emotional health, I have completed the Louise Hay Heart Inspired and Advanced Landmark Education Intensives, and much more.

If you want help awakening your sassy, soulful self…I’m your woman.